Specialist Electrician autorizat anre , din Bucuresti, cu vasta experienta in executarea lucrarilor electrice , va stau la dispozitie in orice zona din sector 1 , sector 2 , sector 3 , sector 4 , sector 5 sau sectorul 6 .

Asigur de asemenea interventii rapide non stop asupra instalatiilor electrice de joasa tensiune pentru case , vile , apartamente , spatii comerciale , (autorizat) etc .

ELECTRICIAN INTERVENTII DE URGENTA non stop in Bucuresti sector 4 , 5 , 3 , 6 , 2 , 1 .

0722.365.447 Mihai



Upgrade Your Homes Electrical System

Most homes are built using the least expensive, most universal products, but their not the best. There are many ways to upgrade your electrical systems in and around your home.

If you have a computer in your home that has internet access, there are many ways to boost performance and cut the amount of energy needed to run your computer and periferals. CAT 5 (and up) can be installed in your home to allow you to access the internet or any computer from multiple locations around your home. Wall jacks and outlets can solve cord issues, cutting down on the number and length of cords used to power your system and in turn cutting down on the heat energy loss.

Home electrical repairs can be done in a day in most cases. If you don't have consistent power through out your home, faulty wiring or breakers could be the problem. Our electrician can test every outlet and fixture to pinpoint problems in your homes wiring.

If you are starting a new home project or a remodeling project, be sure to contact us to find out how we can help. To shop for electrical supplies, visit the shopping page frequently and find great deals. If you need our help, let us know and we will have an electrician contact you for a professional consultation.